My Watercolors

(in order of painting date...earliest first)

I took a brief watercolor course at the University of Wisconsin - Richland in October of 2012.  This is what I painted between then and May, 2013.

 All are 11” x 14” or 11” x 15” unless stated otherwise.


“Fruit Trio” first effort (except for the one I threw away)

“Backyard Thistles”

“Homage to the Pomegranate”

“Fresh Produce”

“Early Bloomer” – an ornamental crab tree, always the first to bloom in the Spring

“October glory” fall landscape in my yard

Old Faithful” - my old Buescher C melody saxophone...standing in its case

“Morris” – my cat

“Lily – Goin’ for a Ride”

“Unexpected Visitor”

“Broken Heart”

“Tom’s Spider” – 7.5” x 11”

“Furry Friend”

“Kate’s Bunny”

“Harry the Cross-eyed Cat”

“Patterns: Preppy Pumpkins on a Paisley Porch”

“Sumac Splendor”

“Shirley’s Tulips with Girl”


updated_2 May 27, 2013