LP Tank Art

Tired of seeing our beautiful countryside blemished by those necessary but unsightly LP tanks…all too often displayed prominently right in our front yards? Why not transform that eyesore into a unique conversation piece…to complement your beautiful surroundings instead of detracting from them?

Using a combination of rust-resistant spray paints, exterior grade wall paints and artist brushes, I can turn that cosmetically challenged fuel tank into a one-of-kind work of art that will be a daily source of enjoyment for you and will enhance the esthetic value of your property.

Below are some examples of possibilities from my own yard. Of course each creation is unique and is designed to suit its owner. A tank can become a single object - like the watermelon below, or can be the canvas for some of your favorite things.

Free estimate and consultation

Prices start @ $1/gallon and are adjusted up or down depending upon the complexity of the project.

Tanks are generally 200, 300, 500 or 1,000-gallon capacity.


500-gallon watermelon


front view of 1,000-gallon LP tank – the weeds in my yard were my inspiration (and models).


back view


end view – wood violet, Wisconsin’s state flower


thistle close-up


red clover close-up


dandelion close-up


Queen Anne’s lace close-up


Yellow submarine (500 gallons)


Yellow submarine front angle view


Diet Coke diesel fuel tank

Diet Coke diesel fuel tank angle view

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Carol J. Kramer