Links to Good Stuff


Richland Concert Association – RCA web site including concert schedule

Sax on the Web - a comprehensive resource for everything pertaining to saxophone

U.S. Army Field Band - official web site of my alma mater.

U.S. Army Field Band Retiree & Alumni Association – old folks I spent my career with!

WSMA (Wisconsin School Music Association) – official site with contest lists, program details, etc.

Hymn - the entire Methodist hymnal in midi format. – my favorite place to order cd’s, dvd’s, and books...and just about everything else. Free shipping with $25 order…or Amazon Prime membership.

 Graphics and Greetingspaintcan

#1 Free Clip Art - Over 10,000 free clip art images in over 300 categories

2 Cool Animations - An excellent collection of 20,000 animated gifs, neatly categorized and very speedy to access. My new favorite source.

Blue Mountain Arts - a great electronic greeting card site!

Millanimations - A new favorite of mine - all original artwork and some very clever animations. Neatly categorized.

Vista Print – a great site for ordering custom business cards and lots more


Mostly Serious Stuffbook

USA Today - the entire newspaper on-line, updated throughout the day.

Google - My favorite search engine – kinda negates the need for any of these links!

Google Doodles – a display of those clever Google designs you see on holidays…and every day.

Mensa International - the official site of Mensa International, the High IQ Society. Send in your official test results to qualify.

Today I Found Out – a site full of little known facts and info about quirky things

U.S. Mensa  - includes a shop where members can buy official Mensa T-shirts and other items to brag about their high IQ's!

Oak Creek High School Class of 1969 - site of my high school alma mater


Useful & Fun funstuff

Dover Publications – home of adult (meaning high quality and detailed) coloring books and other fun publications. Watch for sales!

Daedalus Books Online – a great bargain’s, too!

Hamilton Bookseller – another great source for bargain books

E-bay - danger zone for shoppers, collectors, and addicts in general!

Holidays on the Net - a very useful site that gives lots of information about most holidays.


Sites I've Designed (Be sure to turn on your sound.) painter

Josef Orosz home page

Saxophone Surplus Store - my collection of the best animated saxophone graphics on the Internet. Also links to my other saxophone graphic pages.

Taps - Josef Orosz's Origin of Taps booklet online

Richland Concert Association – RCA web site including concert schedule

If you like them, e-mail me and I'll design one for you. My prices are outrageous!

 August 25, 2022