Gallery Addition to 2022 Holiday Letter



Scenes from my garden




Purple magnolia sugar snap peas


sugar rush and sun sugar tomatoes


A few different eggplant varieties


Summer and winter squash: Pattypan, Pot of gold, and Mooregold


Harvesting rhubarb and zucchini


A few daily harvests


Sugar snap peas…mmm


Eggplant harvest before the frost


Baking the harvest

Rhubarb custard pies (one to eat and one to freeze)


All of the recipes below feature eggplant…a favorite of mine.

Eggplant Parmesan (one to eat and two to freeze)

Moussaka (one to eat and two to freeze)


Stuffed peppers (the eggplant is between the peppers)


A summer regular: stir fry with summer squash and eggplant