Rogue's Gallery


mother & daughter (Lois 1984-2010) picking pomegranates; Lois at 16 and one of her high school senior pics


my high school senior pic (1969)….and official U.S. Army Field Band photo of Doc & Carol Kramer (circa 1977)


Carol (April, 2017) and Kate (my great niece) May, 2016


My niece Heather and nephew Fred Thanksgiving Day, 2015…and the whole gang eating dinner


Larry & Sara (my sister) Christmas day, 2015; niece Heather, nephew Fred, and great niece Kate Christmas day, 2015 


Aunt Marion Davis, our family matriarch, and Tiger…the day after Christmas, 2015


Gary & Sara (my brother & sister) – December, 2005

updated January 1, 2016