Carpet Murals

This is a medium I came up with about 20 years ago.I call it a carpet mural and itís made of pieces cut from carpet samples and remnants. The pieces are glued on a backing (usually plywood) and framed. Most are about 4 feet wide. The first and last murals are larger.


The Saxophone Quartet: completed February 1, 2018

Shown in front of sofa for size erspective

This one is huge: 67Ē x 41Ē. It represents some of the things I love about my property and would miss if I moved. This way I can take them with me.

For now itís sitting on the back of this sofa in my shop/studio.

I made this one for my niece. It represents her 5 cats.

This one was for my daughter Lois, who was a fantastic flutist.

Itís hanging on the wall in my living room.

I made created this one for friends who play horn, oboe, and English horn.

I made this for Barry Ellis in payment for his performance at my husbandís funeral.

This was my very first carpet mural. Itís bolted to the shop/studio wall.


Copyright 2017

Carol J. Kramer