Carpet Murals

This is a medium I conceived not long after moving back to Wisconsin in 1994.  I call it a carpet mural or collage and it’s made of pieces cut from carpet samples and remnants. The pieces are glued on a plywood backing framed in hardwood, usually cherry or walnut. Since the backing is cut from a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood the inside dimensions are either 3’ x 4’ or 2’ x 4’.

“The Chase is on!”…2020 coronavirus commemorative, completed December, 2020

I generally make 1-2 murals in a year, if any….but 2020 was a crazy year. I made 14 carpet murals!!

“Lean on Me” completed November, 2020

This was a commissioned piece for a fine tubist (and flutist wife) who served in the U.S. Army Field Band with me.

“Opus in Ebony” and “Clarinet Salad” completed October, 2020

“Wild Hills Winery” for a local winery’s tasting room, completed September, 2020

The challenge here was to make carpet look like glass!

“Blue Note” for a music shop in Platteville, completed July, 2020


“Homage to the Saxophone” and “Essay in Blue”, Completed August, 2020


“Autumn Splendor” and “Winter in Wisconsin”, completed May and June, 2020

“Anatomy of a Garden” completed March, 2020

“Harbingers of Spring” completed April, 2020


“Forbidden Fruit” completed February, 2020


“Octavian’s Realm” completed January, 2020

“Octavian’s Realm” hangs in my dining room.

“Songbird Soiree” completed December, 2019

WRAP 2019: “Fine Feathered Friends” and “Octavia’s Opus”

“Octavia’s Opus”

“Dynamic Duo” : Rick and Joe Aaron…completed August, 2018

“Cats in Tutus” with new owner (and cat mommy) Jane Kintz…completed March, 2018

The Saxophone Quartet: completed February 1, 2018

Hangs in my studio

This one is huge: 67” x 41”. It represents some of the things I love about my property and would miss if I moved.

I made this one for my niece. It represents her 5 cats.

This one was for my daughter Lois, who was a fantastic flutist.

It’s hanging on the wall in my living room.

I made created this one for friends who play horn, oboe, and English horn. It’s hanging in their music studio in Annapolis, Maryland.

“The Doubler” : I made this in 2010 for Barry Ellis as a very belated payment for his performance at my husband’s funeral in 2002.

 It hangs in the entrance of his and Terri’s home in Platteville. Barry tragically passed away very prematurely in 2018.

This was my very first carpet mural, circa 1995. It’s bolted to the shop/studio wall.


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Carol J. Kramer