Gallery Addition to 2022 Holiday Letter



Some of the beautiful birds that came to visit this year

(photos were taken through windows)


Yellow-bellied sapsucker



Downy woodpeckers in the wind and snow

White-breasted nuthatch in an early snow… November 19, 2022

…and in a later and bigger snowfall: December 9, 2022

A fluffy tufted titmouse on a breezy, snowy day: November 19, 2022


Blue Jays






Red—headed woodpecker, red-bellied woodpecker

Red-bellied woodpecker in the snow: November 15, 2022


Rose-breasted grosbeaks – male and female


Waiting in line


A sweet Baltimore oriole couple…and a female oriole


More female Baltimore orioles


Pretty boys: male Baltimore orioles

More pretty boy orioles

Yes, I know I am a little obsessed!


Male and female cardinals



Cardinal sweethearts


Another pretty boy cardinal


Fluffy cardinal in the woods November 19, 2022


Wild turkeys in my front yard


Uninvited guests…but so cute!