Gallery Addition to 2020 Holiday Letter


Some of the beautiful birds that came to visit this year

(photos were all taken through windows)

Chickadee with sunflower seed

Checking out the peanuts

Lady Goldfinch

Mr. Goldfinch

red-breasted nuthatch

Hummingbird trying the grape jelly

Hummer back for more

yellow-bellied sapsucker


Baltimore oriole enjoying the grape jelly

orioles behaving badly

diving in for more grape jelly

young female Baltimore oriole checking out a fresh orange

Orioles behaving badly

downy woodpecker having a suet snack

Wild turkey strutting his stuff in my backyard

Juvenile red-bellied woodpecker: check out that tongue!

Oranges arenít just for orioles!

RBP in the rain

Female red-bellied woodpecker going for the suet

Blue Jay snatches a peanut (ya gotta be quick to get a photo of this guy)

Where are the peanuts?

Found the peanuts!

Mr. Cardinal