Gallery Addition to 2018 Holiday Letter


Some of the avian visitors to my yard and bird feeders this year:

A hummingbird sampling phlox nectar near my front door

Mr. Cardinal in a burning bush next to my garage

Mr. rose-breasted grosbeak in a backyard tree

Backyard golddfinch

Mr. Baltimore Oriole in early spring

BO enjoying a favorite snack on the backyard feeders post

BO on deck rail just outside kitchen sliding glass doors

BO on deck rail

BO enjoying favorite treat


BO diving in for a little OJ

BO not wanting to share with Mrs. Grosbeak

Mrs. Grosbeak waiting patiently anyway

Mrs. Grosbeak’s patience is wearing thin!

A catbird waiting for its turn at the orange

Red-bellied woodpecker selects a prime seed from the backyard feeder.

Swallowtail butterfly samples some phlox nectar.


Felted songbirds on my Christmas tree